Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on Applied in Iteaduino Plus A20

Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on is customized for Raspberry Pi based on 2.8 TFT LCD display module. The screen is driven based on an 8-bit data bus and a 4-bit ILI9323DS to control bus interface, which can display 263K colors. Module controls contents to be displayed via GPIO on Raspberry Pi. With touch function, it can be used to display the desktop of Raspberry Pi and realize clicking, touch and feedback.

Using together with FBTFT and touch driver developed by Norto, users can make 2.8 TFT Add-on as a mini display in Linux system. Please visit this site to get more information about FBTFT: https://github.com/notro/fbtft

Iteaduino Plus is an ARM development board based on Allwinner A20. In theory, Iteaduino Plus supports 2.8 TFT add-on display in the circumstance of enough GPIO interfaces. Thus, we will show you how to transplant 2.8 TFT add-on drivers into Iteaduino Plus to enlarge its applying scope.

In this blog, we will tell you how to install Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on on Iteaduino Plus A20, then let a picture showed on Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on. More application case, please click the previous blog: Raspberry Pi 2.8 TFT Add-on Touch Function Realizing.

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Self-help PCB Service Instruction


If your Order Number is more than #100034974, please upload gerber file by Self-help PCB service system.

If your Order Number is less than #100034974(including this order), please send gerber file to pcb@iteadstudio.com, we'll help you upload manually.

imall.iteadstudio.com recently upgrade the website system to provide users with more convenient PCB service. From Aug. 27th, 2014, PCB service will be adopted with a new online order system. Following, we will show you how to use the online order system of PCB service.

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Deploying Git Version Control System for Multi-person Collaborative Development Team

This paper aims to deploy Git version control system for a collaborative development project on a Debian server. Eventually, the following requirements will be reached: 

  • Each team member can obtain the project and commit modifications through git client
  • The administrator controls update operation of the project release version 
  • Members beyond the team can get the project release version through git server, but they can not commit modifications

This paper requires that readers should have certain use experience in Linux command line and git command. 

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RDM8800+SIM900: Read NFC Tag and Send Its ID Number to Your Phone via SMS

(If you find the video is blur, please make sure you've choosen the right resolution 480P.)

RDM8800 card reader is a module based on PN532 chip customized for 13.56MHz NFC RFID card, compatible with RDM6300 interface, which can read data directly from the serial interface. Unlike ordinary RFID modules, RDM8800 integrates a MCU LGT8FF8A, thus we can modify the firmware to suit our own needs.

Every NFC tag has is own ID number. In this blog, we will demonstrate an experiment of uploading a demo to RDM8800 so that it can read NFC tag and send the ID number to smartphone via massage.

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Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on V1.1 Touch Function Realizing

We’ve received many support tickets for asking how to make Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on touchable. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to make Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on V1.1 show desktop upon Raspberry Pi v2 and its touch function realize. However, what you should be pay attention to is that the previously sold 2.8 TFT add-on V1.0 doesn’t support touch function.


  • Download 2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian.img into SD card, then launch Raspberry Pi v2
  • Ensure your network connection working well
  • Connect Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on v1.1 to Raspberry Pi v2 correctly

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Use Icomsat+GPS Shield to Do Positioning via SMS

Icomsat is an expansion board that can be made calls and sent and received massages. GPS shield is an expansion board that can realize global positioning. Now, by combining them together, we can make a simple gadget that can check the current location via SMS. In practical, this gadget can be used in real-time cargo’s position checking.


1. Connect the jumpers in these Icomsat’s pins: RXD->D2, TXD->D3. Then access the GSM antenna and plug SIM card into the slot in the ICOMSAT’s back.

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What’s the Best Affordable VR Device?

After Google cardboard released, we can start to enjoy the fun of virtual reality in an affordable price. In fact, Google cardboard is not the first affordable VR device in the market. We search on eBay, and find out several affordable VR products to make a comparison for users. Are they working as well as Google cardboard? What else surprise they would bring to us?

Google cardboard
The official price is $19.95. You can buy an imitated one from eBay at the same price. While only $9.9 from ITEAD.

Pros: Simple material and easy assembly. Google cardboard is literally assembled by cardboard. You can put your phone as the screen into cardboard’s viewer. When you run an app, you can experience the virtual reality by seeing though the lenses. What’s more, a magnet is used for clicking inside of demos. When you tap twice on the copper tape with your finger, the phone will react as if it had detected a magnet pull.

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Itaduino NANO Driver Installation Manual (Mac OS X)

This article is originally from bilbaodynamics.com, which is telling us how to install iteaduino nano diver. We hope it can help our customers to do the installation.


As Iteaduino Nano utilizes USB to serial port chip of CP2102 series instead of FT232RL on Arduino Nano, we cannot use driver program in Driver file in Arduino IDE for drive installation. 

Dowload the Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers for Mac from here:


The following steps will be a walkthrough on how to install the drivers:

In this OS installing software from outside the Mac App Store requires to modify some permissions. Open the ‘Settings’ app and go to ‘Security and Privacy’ and then make sure you are able to install apps downloaded from anyone:

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