Nextion Multiple Control Project – Number Component and Dual-state Button

Our Nextion Editor has updated to the latest V0.30. A lot of new functions has added. You may also noticed that two new components has been added: number and dual-state button. So how to use these two component? Here I would like to show you an example. In this example, I will use various components to make multiple control buttons.
You may download the HMI project file here.

I’m going to use the number component and dual-state button components as well as other components to make multiple control buttons. A number component is a number variable that can be controlled by other components. A dual-state button component is a button that can be switched between two states.

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Brand-new Itead WIFI Wireless Switches are Coming

Great news! Our brand-new WIFI wireless switch will be available soon. We are going to launch a crowd-funding activity for it in Indiegogo on November 15th. You will get the nice gadget at a very good price for being an early bird.

Interesting! What is the great feature this WIFI switch has? What is its difference from other similar products? How to use it with the appliances? Let me give you a brief introduction.

Working Principal

Firstly, let me show you a picture telling you the WIFI switch works with the home appliances through WIFI.

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Nextion Music Player Project

Hello! We have finished a cool Nextion project. It is very easy to create.

Download the project file here: Nextion Music Player HMI Project File

Download related codes of this project from this website: Nextion Music Player Project Source Codes

Below is the demonstration video(Note: this is only a demonstration project, the progress bars are not set by the background music rhyme.):

Nextion Music Player Project from ITEAD on Vimeo.

2015 Chinese National Day Holiday Schedule

The 2015 Chinese National Day is coming soon, and we will have a 7-day holiday (From Oct.1st to Oct.7th) then. Here, we would like to release the order processing schedule in advance so that you can place your orders ahead of time.

Although the holiday has not yet started, workers in many factories of Shenzhen and other places in China may have begun to ask for leaves because Sep.27th is our Mid-autumn Festival, thus many factories start to reject new orders because of production capacity, which means that the production cycle of PCB/FPC boards will be extended to 5-7 days from 3-4 days originally. For PCB/FPC orders received from Sep.24th to Sep.30th, we will arrange for production, yet we cannot guarantee delivery before the holiday due to the production cycle mentioned above.

During the holiday, we will be unable to process your orders and shipments. Besides, production of PCB orders will be stopped. During this period, many colleagues will be at home, where there is no access to the Internet and e-mails. Therefore, your e-mails may not be handled on time. Thank you for your understanding!

We will be back to work on Oct.8th. We also work on Oct.10th that week. Because of the backlog of orders and e-mails during the holiday, they may be processed a bit slowly than usual, and we will try to get back on track as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Alarm System Project

Alarm System is an intelligent voice alarm system based on SIM800 module and Raspberry Pi B+.
We will teach you how to build this project in this post.

First of all, download the related data from this website:
You will get the from the website, decompress it. Inside the folder, there is a file, where you can find segnix guides. We hope you can get started your project smoothly. By the way, the Raspberry Pi system we use is 2015-02-16- raspbian-wheezy.

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Nextion Advanced Application 3: Slide to Unlock and Battery Charging Progress Project

Today we are going to create a practical project-slide to unlock and display battery charging state. It is a simple but cool project with just four components to be used.

Our idea is to slide to unlock the interface, then jump to another interface where you can see the battery charging progress. It’s apparent that we will use a slider component, a progress bar component, a variable component and a timer component.
Now let’s begin. Download the HMI file.

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Nextion Advanced Application 2: Use Global and Variable to Transmit Values Among Pages

This post we are going to make number inputting bars. Multiple components will be applied to this project, including text component, button component and variable component. The most important thing is that we’ll use property vscope-global to implement transmitting values among pages.

Our original idea for this project is to create an interface, on which there will be current and voltage to input values. When touch the value input box, we can jump to a keyboard interface, where you can input or delete numbers.
Ok, let’s begin. Download the HMI file.

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Nextion Advanced Application 1: Use Timer, Variable and If to Implement GIF Animation

We have introduced the use of timer component in last post. There is still one component-variable left for us to learn. This post we’ll combine using multiple components to make a simple GIF animation, of course, timer and variable components will be applied. Additionally, the if statements will be used in the code.

Our idea is to make two cartoon figures to move circularly, and their movement speed can be controlled by two sliders. Also there will be two buttons to control GIF’s on and off.

Let’s get started.

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