Smart Home Review Collections

Sonoff and Slampher are our 2016 brand-new smart home products. We here collect some videos and articles from Internet for you. If you don't know how to use them, this post is just the thing for you. We will have more Sonoff versions coming, such as Sonoff SV(working under 5V,9V,12V), Sonoff HT, etc. So please stay tuned.

1.SONOFF and SLAMPHER demonstration

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Nextion Encrypted Password Full Screen Input Project

This post will show you an encrypted password input by full screen keyboard. This project is very timing consuming because it needs a lot of components to create.
Download the HMI project file here

What you will need?
1.Nextion display*1
2.Foca*1(Or SD card)
3.USB cable*1
4.Grove cable*1

First of all, we need to create the encrypted password full screen input project in Nextion Editor. My idea is to make the password showed in one interface, by tapping the input box, we can jump to another interface which has a full screen keyboard. Therefore, we should create a project that contains two pages.

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2016 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Schedule

The 2016 Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon, and we will have a 12-day holiday then. Here, we would like to release the order processing schedule in advance so that you can place your orders ahead of time.
From Feb.1st to Feb.15th,2016, almost everything will be 10% OFF*. In view cart, you will get 10% off grand total automatically. This promotion is applicable with other promotions/discounts/offers.

For PCB/FPC orders received from January 24th to February 2nd, we will arrange for production, yet we cannot guarantee delivery before the holiday due to the production cycle. Although the holiday has not yet started, workers in many factories in China have begun to ask for leaves to prepare for the Spring Festival, thus many factories started to reject new orders because of production capacity, which means that the production cycle of PCB/FPC boards will be extended to 5-8days from 3-4 days originally. 

From February 3rd to February 14th, we will have a 12-day Spring Festival holiday, and we will be unable to process your orders and shipments then. Besides, production of PCB orders will be stopped. During this period, our staff will be at home, and there may no access to the Internet and e-mails. Therefore, your e-mails may not be handled on time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will be back to work on February 15th. Because of the backlog of orders and e-mails during the holiday, they may be processed a bit slowly than usual, and we will try to get back on track as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and support.

*Note: Some products are excluded from this promotion:
1.Airspy R2 IM141027001
2.SpyVerter IM150321001
3.Airspy & SpyVerter Combo IM151116001
4.MySensors Micro IM150321002
5.SCSI2SD 3.5" 50-Pin SCSI To SD Card Adaptor IM150402001

How to Make W5100 Module Work with SD Card Module?

Some people may find out our W5100 module can`t work with SD card module at the same time, you can`t read/write any data from/to SD card.

Here is an solution for that. According to the schematic of our W5100 module, the SEN pin is always pulled up by 10K resistor.

That means the SPI of W5100 has always been enabled. So it might affect the communication between the MCU and the other SPI device.

Now you can solder the SEN pin to the CS pin of SD card slot. And set the CS pin of SD card socket to high voltage before you communicate with W5100 module. It will fix this problem.

2016 New Year’s Day Holiday SALE

2016 New Year’s Day is coming. We will have 3 days off on 2016 New Year’s Day Holiday (Jan.1st-Jan.3rd, 2016) respectively. Here we would like to release the schedule in advance so that you can place your order ahead of time. The great news is that we will launch a New Year Holiday SALE from Jan.1st-Jan.3rd, 2016. Almost everything will be 10% OFF during this period. And we have big deals for ESP8266 moudules and Bluetooth moudules.

During the holiday, we will be unable to process your orders and shipments. Production of PCB orders will be stopped on New Year’s Day Holiday. Your e-mails may not be handled on time during the holiday. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sonoff and Slampher: Low Cost Smart Home Solution

You can always find something nice and inexpensive in crowdfunding website. If you don't mind to wait for the delivery, contributing on crowdfunding website is really a smart way of shopping. Today what I am going to recommend you is nice smart home gadgets called Sonoff & Slampher from IndieGoGo. Yes, they are ITEAD`s latest smart home products.

Every one wants a smart home, but not every one can afford a smart home. If you want to make all your home appliances smart, you’ll need many smart home gadgets(whether they be WiFi switch or WiFi socket). Wow, that is not a small budget. That’s why I recommend Sonoff and Slampher-WiFi Wireless products, each of them costs you as low as $5.

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Nextion Gradient Progress Bar Project

This post I`m going to teach you to build a gradient progress bar project. Gradient progress bar has been widely applied to many places like refresh page, buffer zone. For HMI designing, I think it is a very important and practical project.
Download the HMI project file from here.

I`m going to build a project containing 3 kinds of Old Sankey like progress bar, and make them switchable. We all know that there is a progress bar component available in the software, but that is only single bar, which is not helpful because what I need is gradient progress bar that combined with many bars.

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Nextion Multiple Control Project – Number Component and Dual-state Button

Our Nextion Editor has updated to the latest V0.30. A lot of new functions has added. You may also noticed that two new components has been added: number and dual-state button. So how to use these two component? Here I would like to show you an example. In this example, I will use various components to make multiple control buttons.
You may download the HMI project file here.

I’m going to use the number component and dual-state button components as well as other components to make multiple control buttons. A number component is a number variable that can be controlled by other components. A dual-state button component is a button that can be switched between two states.

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