Gboard: Make Speed Dial Telephone for Seniors

Gboard: Make Speed Dial Telephone for Seniors

As we all know, the modern cell phone seems to be getting smaller, more complicated, and filled with an overwhelming amount of extraneous apps and features. They are difficult to navigate and require a steep learning curve and technical savvy. This trend is limiting for senior citizens who are searching for a phone that is uncomplicated and direct. In this blog, we will show how to DIY a speed dial telephone by using Gboard.

Products we use:

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How to Build SMT32 Development Enviroment under Linux

To build an STM32 development environment, it is a process that configures and compiles toolchain, project management tool and debugging tool. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to make use of GCC cross-compiler toolchain, Eclipse and GDB to configure the STM32 development environment.

Install compiling toolchain

GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors is a suite of toolchain that applies in ARM Corex-M and Cortex-R processor. By using this toolchain, you can compile chains and generate the program that can run on STM32 processor. You can download and install it from its official website or from the software management of Linux distributor. After installing the toolchain, you can invoke it by using the command “arm-none-eabi-*”

Install project management tool

In Linux, you can use Make or Makefile as your project management tool. However, we will use Eclipse CDT in this blog, for it is simpler to use.

1. Install Eclipse CDT

Eclipse CDT is an IDE provided for C/C++ developer. To install it, you should Luna-SR1 package from Eclipse official website. Then extract it and add the dictionary to path environment variable, so you can input and run eclipse.

2. Install ARM Extension Package

GNU ARM Eclipse Plug-ins is a project template extension package for ARM processor based on CDT. To install it, you’d better open eclipse, then click Help->Install New Software and add the link:

By doing so, you can finish the installation of GNU ARM C/C++ Cross Development Tools.

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SIM908 Module GPS/GSM Starting Guide

SIM908 Module is a high-performance quad-band module integrated with GPS, GSM, and GPRS. To control this module, you shall learn and use its AT command set. In this tutorial, we will exploit both the GPS and GSM functions of SIM908 module. 

All Hardware we will use in this blog as below:

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Starting Your Software Automatically on Boot in Linux


Sometimes we need to start our software applications automatically on boot in linux, especially when we play with things like BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi in embedded world. Here are two ways to do it.

1. Using .profile

When a linux user logins in, the file ‘.profile’ in the user's home directory will be read and the codes in this file will execute automatically. So this can be a way to start our applications.

Firstly, we need to auto-login with root. In Debian OS without ‘systemd’, edit the file /etc/inittab with the following code:

# Example how to put a getty on a serial line (for a terminal)
#T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 9600 vt100
#T1:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS1 9600 vt100
# Example how to put a getty on a modem line.
#T3:23:respawn:/sbin/mgetty -x0 -s 57600 ttyS3
T0:23:respawn:/sbin/agetty -a root -L ttyO0 115200 vt102

In this case, we use program agetty to auto-login with root on a serial terminal ttyO0. The baud rate is 115200.

Then, we can put our compiled program ‘my_program’ into root's home directory. Add `./my_program` at the end of file '.profile'. In this way, the ‘my_program’ will auto-execute next time after rebooting the system. And also root logins in.

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Wee (ESP8266) Start Guide: AT Commands Test

Adopted a standard XBee interface, Wee WiFi module pinouts ESP8266 Soc to provide a full IOs using for hacking. This tutorial is a start guide for testing AT commands on Wee WiFi module.



Serial Port Debugging Software: sscom42.exe (Chinese Version)

You can click it to download the software, please note that this software can be opened unless it detects a serial port.

Get started to know this software

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Tips and Ticks for AC-DC Module Layout

Recently, our new hardware engineer Li Yun studies IWATT’s AC-DC solution. He finds out that the basic theories of all solutions are the same, and the different performance due to using different electronic components. Among all the AC-DC solutions, there are two important signals that control the performance of output – ISENSE and VSENSE signals. ISENSE shall be placed near the switch in order to avoid the signal interference, meanwhile, pins shall be placed near the ISENSE. To improve the quality of feedback signals, VSENSE shall be placed near the transformer. Except that, all bypass capacitors shall be placed near their own pins to improve the performance of transmission.

To reduce the EMI, the switch loop circuit must be minimized. The main loop circuits include:

  1. First loop circuit comprises large input capacitor, primary winding, switch, and RISENSE.
  2. Second loop circuit comprises output diode, output capacitor, and secondary winding.
  3. Third loop circuit comprises assist winding, rectifier diode, and VCC.

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IoTgo Arudino Library Preview

ITEADLIB_Arduino_IoTgo is an Arduino library specially written for IoTgo platform. It supports ESP8266, W5100/W5500, and SIM900/908 modules accessing and communicating to IoTgo platform through WIFI, GPRS, or Ethernet.

In previous two blogs, we've demonstrated how to remote monitor temperature and humidity and how to remote control a switch. In the part of codes using, we use the demos directly provided by IoTgo library, and the rest we need to do is to modify the API Key and Device ID. In this blog, we will take a further step to learn how to use this Arduino library.

Besides, this library supports three network connection modes including Ethernet, GPRS and WIFI(esp8266). Users can modify the connection mode by defining different macros in the configuration file IoTgo_config.h

#define NET_USE_ESP8266
//#define NET_USE_W5X00 
//#define NET_USE_GSM

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Second Batch Airspy Shipping Delay (Update)

Dear all Airspy fans,

We are sorry to inform you that the second batch Airspy shipping will be delayed. 

The aluminum enclosure should have been arrived on Friday this week. However, the cooperated factory tells us that the aluminum enclosure only can be delivery on Friday next week because the end of the year is the peak season of their goods producing and shipping.

For the part of boards producing, the SMD can be finished in this week and we will test them from the Monday next week.

We are sorry for the shipping delay. When they are ready, we will ship them to you ASAP. 

Update on 12/19/2014

For now, we still haven't recieved the alumium enclosure. The process of alumium enclosure producing divides into three steps: cutting, oxidation, and silkcreen. Now they are in silkcreen process, and it is expected that the silkscreen can be finished on Wednesday next week. 

We can't tell a exact shipping day before we recieve the alumium enclosure. But we hope that they will be shipped before new year.

Keep track of this blog, we will update the latest airspy shipping information here.

Update on 12/26/2014

Hey guys, how is your Christmas going? The good news is that airspy alniumum enclosures have been shipped from the factory! Once we got them, we will pack them with airspy and send them to you asap! stay tuned! 

Update on 12/29/2014

Alniumum enclosures arrive today! We start to assemble the Airspy boards with the cases.

BTW, we get a feedback about Airspy USB connector problem in yahoo group.

To solve this problem, we remove the outside casing part and scrape the non-conducting layer "blank paint" off the casing where the SMA connector hole is.

Update on 12/31/2014

We start to ship the second batch Airspy today. They will be shipped in 2-3 days. During this time, please login to your ITEAD account in imall to keep track of your order status. 

Update on 1/2/2015

Happy new year! The second batch airspy shipping is finished in today. Please login to your ITEAD account in imall to check your tracking number.