Gboard with MQ2 Gas Sensor: DIY Home Fire-alarm system

Gboard is an upgraded arduino mainboard integrated with ATMega328 controller and sim900 module. It can be used as a GSM/GPRS data transfer or wireless communication project development platform.

MQ2Gas Sensor is an electronic brick that can be used in fire-alarm systems to detect hydrogen, isobutane, liquefied petroleum gas, methane, carbon monoxide, alcohol, smoke, propane and other harmful gases.

In this blog, we will do a simple home fire-alarm system by combining these two products together. An available phone calling sim card is needed to plug in Gboard. When MQ2 gas sensor detects the change of air quality: gas leaking or fire smoke, an alarm call will make to your phone automatically.

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IBOX as Thin Client

A common desktop costs at least two thousand in china, and sometimes it takes our IT department’s money and labor to fix when the problems of software, system and hardware occur. In order to reduce the investment in IT equipment, simplify the management and improve both efficiency and capacity of problem solving, many company has adopted the Cloud Office.
More information about cloud office, please refer to Desktop virtualization.

To make cloud office come true, first you can run several virtual hosts on a server, which you can realize it by using VirtualBox, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V etc. Second, you are able to run the remote desktop software on the client computer such as PC, Mac, mobilephone, pad, or IBOX.

In this blog, we will use the open source free software Virtual Box as the virtualized tool and cost saving IBOX as the client computer to demonstrate how to deploy a cloud office environment.

Network Topology

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HC-SR04 VS. SDM-IO Ultrasonic Ranging Module

There are two products in for ultrasonic ranging. One is the common 4pin HC-SR04, and the other is 3pin SDM-IO. The ultrasonic ranging product can be installed in the previous joystick wireless control car kit so that the car will have the function of barrier detecting. Before installing, we make a comparison for these two products to see which is better for installing in car kit.

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How to Use SSH to Login Remote Server without Typing Password

1.Existing Problem

Generally, when we use SSH to login remote server, a necessary step is type the username and password. One of our engineers has come up with an idea that login the remote server through SSH without typing password. Now we will share his idea to the ones who also like him – upset about typing the password again and again.

expect is a auto monitor and test software in Unix system, and it can help to solve this problem. Let's see how he makes it.

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3D Printer Builds 10 Houses in 1Day

Video from

We all know that 3D pringting is mostly used in movie custom or model making so far. What if it can be print a real house? Few month ago, reported that a giant chinese 3D printer can build 10 houses in 1 day. According the news from china, the printing materials are not the traditional reinforced concrete, they are renewable environmental-friendly material, which means if the houses were broken down, the material they concrete could be reused to build another house.

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An Intrduce to ITEAD CORE AW204x

What does AW204x mean? 

AW2041 means the module is composed by of Allwinner A20 MCU, 4G Nand Flash, 1G RAM; while AW2042 means Allwinner A20 MCU, 4G Nand Flash, 2G RAM.

The AW204x SOM combines Allwinner Technology's A20-Series Cortex Dual Core A7 SoC chip with RAM, Flash, Ethernet Phyceiver and power management on to a business card sized PCB. 

With very high performance processing and multimedia capabilities and hardware acceleration support, AW204x serials SOM can handle 1080p video or highsolution images easily.

The AW204x makes all of the A20 features easily accessible,which makes you can launch product in less time, with less effort and at a lower total system cost.

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Joystick Wireless Remote Control Car

In this application note, we will combine several products in to make a joystick wireless remote control car. The car kit is controlled by mboard, and you can install this car kit by following its instruction in imall page. We will use BTboard as the remote controller. It’s a UNO development board with Bluetooth function and compatible with the master-slave mode. The last important component we use is Joystick shield. In the tutorial, its buttons won’t be use, but you can use them to develop other functions such as light controlling and camera opening by yourself.

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Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on Applied in Iteaduino Plus A20

Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on is customized for Raspberry Pi based on 2.8 TFT LCD display module. The screen is driven based on an 8-bit data bus and a 4-bit ILI9323DS to control bus interface, which can display 263K colors. Module controls contents to be displayed via GPIO on Raspberry Pi. With touch function, it can be used to display the desktop of Raspberry Pi and realize clicking, touch and feedback.

Using together with FBTFT and touch driver developed by Norto, users can make 2.8 TFT Add-on as a mini display in Linux system. Please visit this site to get more information about FBTFT:

Iteaduino Plus is an ARM development board based on Allwinner A20. In theory, Iteaduino Plus supports 2.8 TFT add-on display in the circumstance of enough GPIO interfaces. Thus, we will show you how to transplant 2.8 TFT add-on drivers into Iteaduino Plus to enlarge its applying scope.

In this blog, we will tell you how to install Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on on Iteaduino Plus A20, then let a picture showed on Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on. More application case, please click the previous blog: Raspberry Pi 2.8 TFT Add-on Touch Function Realizing.

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Self-help PCB Service Instruction

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