Arduino Based Time Attendance System

A time attendance system machine may be the first thing you meet when you go to your office and start your work. The most common type is using card. In this blog, we will use Arduino and several modules to create a simple time attendance system. 

Components we need

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2015 International Labor Day Schedule

Because of International Labor Day, ITEAD STUDIO will have a three-day holiday from 1st to 3rd of May. Here, we would like to release the schedule in advance: 

Ordinary orders received from 27th to 28th, April will be processed normally as usual, while for orders on 29th and 30th, we will try our best to deliver before holiday – but as it takes time to deal with packaging, we cannot guarantee that orders in these two days can be sent out before the holiday. Thank you for understanding. For the pending orders received before holiday and during the holiday, we will process on 4th, May – due to backlog of orders during the holiday and increase of orders in post office after the holiday, we estimate that orders may be processed slightly slower than usual. However, we will make our efforts to deliver as soon as possible.

For orders of PCB service, generally PCB production costs about a week, while the number of orders often increases before the holiday, thus it will need a longer time to be processed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the orders of PCB service received from 27th, April to be shipped before the holiday. However, for files received from 27th to 30th, April, we will arrange production, but the finished boards will be received and delivered after the holiday. For orders received during the holiday, we can only arrange the production after the holiday.

Above is our holiday schedule. For any inconvenience caused, we do hope you can understand, and you can arrange time for placing orders according to your own needs.

Weather Station: Use Nextion 4.3″ with Wboard

We use Nextion 4.3" and Wboard Pro to make a weather station. Use this station, you can check any city by typing city's name in the input bar. The weather information is provided by Weather Underground server.

PS: WBoard Pro is a Wifi development board based on Arduino MEGA. With a on-board ESP8266 chip (wifi firmware has been burnt in), you can drive ESP8266 to connect wifi and visit the internet by controlling the serial ports.

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Wboard Pro ESP8266 Firmware Upgrade

Wboard Pro has an on-board ESP8266. If you want to upgrade the ESP8266’s firmware, here is the instruction.


  1. The jumpers’ connection. According to the silkscreen on Wboard Pro, you can learn the jumpers setting. Choosing to connect different jumpers, you can let the serial port connect to Mega 2560 or ESP8266. As we upgrade the firmware to ESP8266, we shall plug the jumpers to 4-6 and 3-5. BTW, the FW jumper shall be plugged as well.
  2. Firmware. In this tutorial, the firmware we flash is 0.18 version. If you need a higher version, please go to the forum of ESP8266 to get one. Note: in this case, the default firmware that Nodemcu flash to your ESP8266 is not AT commands firmware!!If you want to flash AT commands firmware, go to ESP8266 forum.
  3. Firmware flasher. The flasher we use is Nodemcu. You can click here to get this flasher from Github, and learn how to use.

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Product Preview: Nextion in an Arduino project (3)

In the previous blog, we demonstrate how to use Arduino to control a progress bar that shows on Nextion 2.4”. In that case, we use progress bar and text components in Nextion Editor. In this blog, we will tell you the other simple component – button. When you touch the area that is under the button component “monitor”, it will run the ID of this component, then you can realize some visual final effects like interface switching, sending data through serial port.

Hardware we use

  • Iteaduino UNO
  • Nextion 2.4"

Nextion Indiegogo Campaign Starts! Click here to visit

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An introduce to ITEAD PCB Assembly Service

ITEAD PCB Assembly Service provides a one-stop and complete solution to meet varying manufacture requirements. The Assembly Service includes small batches and prototype assembly. You just need to fill a format and upload the required files in a single page, let us handle all the complex production management and supply chain optimize work.


PCB Assembly


ITEAD offers its customers two options when it comes to PCB Assembly Services, Full or Partial Turn-Key PCB Service. Full Turn-Key service takes care of the entire process including PCB Fabrication, Component Procurement, PCB Assembly and testing. For customers who do not require the full Turn-Key solution then Partial Turn Key will fit the bill.


With Partial Turn-Key, you have the option of providing some or all of the components, and ITEAD’s dedicated Procurement team will assist with any remaining parts. 


PCB Prototype Assembly


At ITEAD we specialize in prototype assembly quantities from 1 to 25 circuit cards. With our Prototype Service your design is ready for testing without worrying about any of the aspects normally associated with building a prototype. Avoid the hassle of sourcing PCB’s and components and focus on your design! Let our team and its extensive network of suppliers fulfill your requirements in the quickest and most economical manner possible!


ITEAD’s Full Turn-Key PCB assembly handles PCB prototyping, component purchasing and circuit card assembly all under one roof. If you prefer to supply kitted parts we are happy to handle the rest. 


Our Prototype Assembly Service utilizes our staff of professional solder technicians, SMT process engineers and component procurement specialists to ensure affordability with fast turnaround. The layout of our prototype assembly area facilitates the mixing of automated and manual part loading and we handle fine pitch components and BGAs for high density FR4 boards.


We optimize the choice of packaging (cut tape, tray, tube, bulk, etc.) versus quantity required for your prototype to ensure the lowest possible cost. We only purchase the exact component listed in your BOM and from your Approved Vendors list. For those hard-to-find or long-lead-time components we use cross reference and our network of suppliers to ensure no delays. We never change your design and part substitutions require your prior approval!


We understand on-time delivery of your prototypes is critical so we coordinate PCB Fabrication with Component Procurement to ensure parts arrive when the PCB’s are ready. Our engineers will review technical questions and component issues with you before assembly begins. The entire one-stop Prototype PCB Assembly process requires approximately 3 weeks.