Arduino Bluetooth Shield Upgrade To V2.2

We have an Arduino Bluetooth shield BT shield v2.1, but this shield just can work as slave, and can not work as master to source a Bluetooth device and initiative to connect it. Now we offer a new BT shield v2.2, it use the HC-05 module so it can work in  master mode or slave mode.

When put the mode switch to CMD side and power on, the shield enter Command mode, in this status, you can use the AT command (AT+ROLE=<Param>) to change it into salve or master mode. You can find more detailed about all AT command in datasheet. When put the mode switch to DAT side and power on, the shield enter data mode, and will directly transfer all data form UART to other device by Bluetooth.

There is another useful improvement in the new version, we not use a switch button to change the UART connection, but use the jumper and headers, so now you not just can change the D1 D2 to board or FT232, but also you can use the D4-D7 pins to connect the Bluetooth module by software serial library.

When this module work in salve mode, it’s the same as BT shield v2.1 and v1.1. It also compatible with our “ITEAD BT Debugging Assistant” software.

Responses to “Arduino Bluetooth Shield Upgrade To V2.2

  1. Is Stackable Bluetooth Shield : BT Shield v2.2 (Master / Slave) compatible with Arduino Mega ADK? I just want to use it to send data between Mega and Android phone application.

  2. Hello
    I have just got one of these. I am new to Arduino. do you have any sample sketch for the above to work with your ITEAD BT Debugging Assistant.
    I want similar thing to be done by Guy i.e. to send data to my Android phone.

  3. please your information about the source code being used, so the master data is automatically sent to a slave..

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