IBOX Production Schedule Update

  1. The aluminum housings for IBOX have been manufactured. 

   2. IBOX beta 2 has been produced and passed the tests. 

Compared to IBOX beta 1, beta 2 has been done with following modifications:

  • baseboard has been downsized slightly, so that it is easier to remove the board from the box 
  • a cutback has been added to the board edge so that it is easier to take out the PCB and to let the Wifi antenna of future versions go through 
  • the problem of jump wire of beta 1 has been solved 

We will send samples for applicants to review with IBOX beta 2 version next week.

Responses to “IBOX Production Schedule Update

  1. The popular XBMC media center software still doesn’t support Allwinner A20 (or A10) SoC series CedarX VPU.

    I would not buy of of these until after upstream mainline XBMC get official support hardware video acceleration of Allwinner A10 or A20 SoC series CedarX VPU.

    So if and when, as of right now there are no guarantees that XBMC will ever be officially supported.

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