IBOX Upgrade Guide (PhoenixSuit tool)

1. Download the firmware and upgrade tool

  1. Download the firmware package from http://itead.me/ITEADDownload/images/sun7i_android_sugar-standard.img.bz2 and upgrade tool from http://itead.me/ITEADDownload/software/PhoenixSuit_EN.msi
  2. Save them to local disk in PC.

2. Install the upgrade tools 

2.1 Install PhoenixSuit V1.0.6

Double-click  to run PhoenixSuit software installation wizard. Follow the installation wizard to install the software upgrade tool.

Click Next as shown below:


Select installation folder as shown below:

Confirm installation as shown below:

Installing PhoenixSuit as shown below:

 NOTE: During the installation process, it may require to install the driver as shown in the following picture, just select "下一步"(means Next) to install the driver as shown below:

The drivers were successfully installed on this computer as shown below. Then click '完成'(means Finish).

PhoenixSuit has been successfully installed as shown below, click "Close".

2.2 Upgrade to V1.08

When you open PhoenixSuit V1.0.6, there will be a pop-up dialogue box as shown below, click "Yes" to upgrade to V1.08 and follow the steps below.

Do not click Cancel during upgrade, otherwise it will fail.

Upgrading complete, click "Finish".

Then it will require to install the device driver as shown below, click "Next".

Do not click Cancel during upgrade, otherwise it will fail.

Device driver has been successfully installed, click "Finish". 

3. Upgrade

1) Click the icon   to open the upgrade tool .
Tool page is shown as below:
2) Click the button  to enter upgrade mode. Click button , select the firmware package, and click " Open ."
3) After selecting the firmware package, connect one end of the standard USB cable to PC, and then perform the following operations:
Press the uboot button then, while keeping the button pressed, connect the USB cable into the USB4 port on the IBOX.
4) Select the upgrade mode in the dialog box, as shown below:
If you select "Yes" to upgrade via formatting, it will clear all user data. If you select "No" to upgrade in common mode, it will retain user data.
Recommendation: Back up all data, select "Yes" to upgrade via formatting to avoid error in some program or data after upgrading.

5) After the programming is completed, press "OK" to complete the upgrade.

Note: Do not unplug the equipment during upgrading to avoid damage to the equipment!

Responses to “IBOX Upgrade Guide (PhoenixSuit tool)

  1. Hi Katherine, Thanks for detailed instructions and this helps even to newbies like me.
    But, it would also be beneficial if you can list out the details of upgrade versions and their features so that we all know what’s being upgraded.


  2. Your step 3 is not clear. It should read:

    Press the uboot button then, while keeping the button pressed, connect the USB cable into the USB4 port on the IBOX.

  3. Hello Itead,

    I am stuck with iBOX. I tried to use Debian from SD card and after that, I am not able to boot from NAND. When i try to follow the above instructions to flash, it’s not working.
    Here are the steps that I had followed, but it’s still showing that “No Device Attached”.
    After starting the phoenix software & selecting the image file;
    step 1. Plugged in Ibox.
    step 2. Connected one port of USB to my computer.
    step 3. Then, pressed the u-boot button with a pin.
    step 4. While pressing the u-button, I have connected the other port of USB cable to USB 4 port of IBOX.
    step 5. Waited for a while and my phoenix software, still shows that no device attached.

    Btw, I am using Win 7 laptop and I didn’t hit any issues while installing phoenix software and its drivers.

    Request your immediate help with this.

    kind regards,

    • Hi there,

      I’ve helped you submit a ticket to our support desk: http://support.iteadstudio.com/support/home, they will reply the ticket as soon as they see it. ITEAD’s tech support service is one to one, and we hope you will be satisfied our service.

      Sherry from ITEAD Studio 

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