Itead Studio Release Itead Fritzing Library

Fritzing is an open-source hardware initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics.Fritzing can be seen as an Electronic design automation (EDA) tool for non-engineers: the input metaphor is inspired by the environment of designers (the breadboard-based prototype), the output is offering nearly no options and is focused on accessible means of production.

As we can see, Fritzing does a good job in making the connection diagrams for tutorials and presentations, however, its capability of drawing PCB is less than satisfactory. Therefore, users will tend to find better alternatives, such as KiCAD, Eagle and so on.

After assessment, we found that it will cost quite a lot of time and efforts to make a complete view library including breadboard, schematics and PCB for all Itead products, and Itead cannot offer sufficient labors to ensure the accuracy of PCB footprint at the moment. Therefore, we would rather focus our efforts on making breadboard views to meet the needs of customers who make presentations and tutorials than put our time and energy to fabricate an inaccurate PCB footprint library which may misguide the users. 

What’s more, Itead products seldom need PCB footprint as they are mainly some Arduino-compatible boards, ARM boards and electronic modules, etc.

Above all, that’s why we took the first step in making Itead Fritzing Library, a Breadboard View Package library for 68 items including Itead Arduino-compatible boards, electronic bricks, Shield, Iteaduino Plus, etc.

Clients can download the two libraries below:
Itead Mainboard V131115.fzbz
Itead Shield and Extension V131115.fzbz


We will update the library and add new Itead products in the library continuously. In addition, we will try to update SCH and PCB views in existing library if conditions are permitted.


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