Iteaduino Lite is Ready to be Delivered

We have packed Iteaduono Lite campaigned on Indiegogo, and we are ready to send them out. After the parcels are sent out, we will inform you of the tracking numbers via E-mails, please check your E-mail box. 

Since the N.O. of orders is a little bit more than expected, the stock is inadequate, thus few orders will be delayed for shipment until next Wednesday. We'll send notifications one by one via e-mails. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Responses to “Iteaduino Lite is Ready to be Delivered

  1. Hi, I appreciate all you have done. I have a question. I registered a week ago and can not log in. Can you help me? Thank You.

  2. I have fixed the problem, it was my IE, I used Google Chrome and I was able to log in. Thank You for the Delivery of ITead Lite.

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