Make Smart Home Lighting System With Arduino And Android

When you replace all your traditional wall switch to ITEAD intelligent switch, you can easily use them for networking and mutual control. With a Bluetooh to 433M RF converter, we can use the cell phone to control all of them via Bluetooh. 

Here we will show you a demo of how to control the lamps of different rooms by your Android phone.

We use the Iteaduino BT with 433M RF link kit as the converter, Iteaduino BT can communicate with cell phone via Bluetooh, and control the switchs with 433M RF, the firmware is the same as this demo. And you need to install the "ITEAD Intelligent Switch Control Center" app on your phone for controlling the lighting system of your home.

Open the software, and you can add a new switch into the device list, and switch it by clicking it in the device list.

Stay tuned, we will release a new ITEAD Intelligent Switch Arduino library for users who would like to DIY their samrt home lighting system, and publish the control center app as well. 

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