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Arduino Stackable Header Kit is made to work with the Arduino Main Board and great for stacking multiple shields, but it’s not so compatible with Arduino MEGA board. Here we offer a new stackable kit for Arduino MEGA 1280/2560 – Arduino MEGA Stackable Header Kit. This kit includes 7 headers (5*8-pin , 1*6-pin and 1*2×18-pin), enough to connect a shield to an Arduino MEGA Main Board.

We have a breadboard power shield in stock, but we found that we can make some improve for it, so now we make our new Bread Board Power Supply Shield (5V/3.3V compatible).This is a power module for the standard bread board (eg. Bread board Clear – 8.2*6.2 cm ) . It’s concave design so will not waste your proto zone. This breadboard power shield support Mini USB power supply and Power jack 7-12V supply. There are two independent power that 5V/3.3V optional.

SD/ Micro SD Card breakout module (5V/3.3V compatible) is a SD / MicroSD slot breakout board. It can work with 5V or 3.3V power supply, and both 5V/3.3V IO operation level. It can be controlled directly by a wide range of microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM and MSP430.

Joystick breakout module is a breakout board for Playstation2 analog joystick. There are 5 pins on board: VCC, GND, X, Y and Button. Connect the module with 5V power supply with VCC and GND, you can read out the joystick status by X,Y and button pins. When using the 5V power supply, the default analog output for X,Y is 2.5V. With the direction of the arrow, the voltage up to 5V, and the opposite direction down to 0V.

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