nRF24L01 Six Channels To One Receiver

nRF24L01 support multi-channel data receive , so you can use several nRF24L01 node to transmit data to a terminal receiver .

We have build a sensor network demo, which used 6 sensor node and send the data to one receiver. The operation of controlling nRF24L01 is similar to the point to point demo.  The demo just use the button to trigger the data transmit but not really read the sensor .

To achieve receiving data from 6 channels , there are a few points to  note:
  1. EN_AA and EN_RXADDR register :should be set to 0×3F , enable auto-answer and allow receive data from all channels.
  2. RX_PW_PN registers : default is 0, set for the max length of received data .
  3. Address for channel P0- P1 is 40 bit, but the address of P2- p5 is 8 bit , the high 32bit is the same as P1 , so just need to write one byte address for P2 -P5. And remember that the low address should be written first.

You can download the demo project here :

  nRF24L01 Six Channels To One Receiver (8.1 KiB, 3,047 hits)

It includes 2 parts : one for the sensor nodes , and the other for the receiver . The project is build by Keil and it’s for C8051. We are building a new one which for Arduino and nodes will really read back the temperature information and display in LCD by receiver.

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