Serial Port Bluetooth Module (Slave) Connect to PC

Recently we got a serial port Bluetooth module. Users can use it simply for a serial port replacement to establish connection between MCU and GPS, PC to your embedded project.

The module use the CSR Bluetooth chip, compatible with the Bluetooth V2.0 protocol.Default setting is slave mode,serial port 9600 baud rate, N, 8, 1.  And the pincode is 1234.

Below is the AT command that the module used:

1. Communications Test :

Sent : AT
receive : OK

2. Change baud rate :

Sent : AT+BAUD1
receive : OK1200
Sent : AT+BAUD2
receive : OK2400

Baud rate setting can be save even power down.

3. Change Bluetooth device name:

Sent : AT+NAMEdevicename
receive : OKname
(devicename is the name you want the device to be , and it will be searched with this name)

Name setting can be save even power down.

4. Change Pincode:

Sent : AT+PINxxxx
receive : OKsetpin
(xxxx is the pin code you set)

Pin code can be save even power down.

Now we connect the serial port Bluetooth module with Foca , so we can use the serial monitor to control the serial port Bluetooth module by AT command.

First , we try to sent the AT communication test . Sent the “AT” to module , and we will get the “OK” . And go on to reset the name for the module , sent the “AT+NAMEITead”, get the “OKname” , now we can open the Bluetooth manager on the PC, and we can find a device named ITead by search Bluetooth devices.

Select the ITead, and press Next button, and we need to input the pincode to matches PC and module , the default pincode is 1234 .

Press Next button, the PC will build the communication between PC and module , we can found the Bluetooth serial on the device manager — COM22 and COM23.

Open the serial monitor on PC , select the COM22 or COM23 , then we can transport data from these ports between PC and Bluetooth module.

Now we have test using the Arduino to control the Bluetooth module to connect with Android Phone and succeed, we are gong to write a Bluetooth serial monitor software on Android  — Bluechannels. May be in this week , Bluechanels Beta will come out ; )

Responses to “Serial Port Bluetooth Module (Slave) Connect to PC

  1. The trick with the AT command is that it receives the commands only wired, the easiest way to do it is use an arduino mega, connect the bluetooth to serial port 3 and use this code:
    void setup()
    Serial.begin(9600); //pc
    Serial3.begin(9600); //BT
    void loop()
    if (Serial.available() >0){
    if (Serial3.available() >0){
    Now open the terminal in the arduino software and you can change the commands!

    • Now we release a new BT shield which have a switcher, you can easily to change the command by the Arduino. The New BT shield will in stock soon.

    • If i compile this code with the arduino compiler it wont compile and the error mesage is: ‘ SERIAL3′ was not declared in this scope. How can i get around this?

  2. hi i’am using BTBee bluetooth and i need to send AT command, i am using an Arduino with Ethernet and Wireless development platform – IBoard with Foca board to upload my sketches but i dont receive anything,… what i need ?. thanks

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