The 2nd Generation ITEAD Core is Coming Soon

In August 2013, ITEAD Studio released ITAD Core A10/A20. Since then, we’d received a lot of useful feedbacks. We are grateful to all of you for giving us so many suggestions on improving this product.

From the end of March this year, we have been focusing on developing and testing the second generation of ITEAD Core by referring to the suggestions from our customers. After about four months of development, we’ve completed PCB layout of ITEAD Core AW2041/AW2042, tested its prototype, made a small batch of production and done the long-term stability test. It is expected that volume production of ITEAD Core AW2041/AW2042 will be commenced next week.

Compared to the first generation, the second ITEAD Core has been improved with following aspects in the design.

  1. on-board micro SD slot for multimedia storage and data logging purposes, supporting the maximum capacity of 64G SD card.
  2. on-board SATA interface for the convenience of connecting external hard drive or CD-ROM.
  3. the second ITEAD Core uses SO-DIMM 204 pins interface for easily plugging in.
  4. The known bugs of the first ITEAD core have been fixed in the second generation.


ITEAD Core AW2041

ITEAD Core AW2042

Moreover, the parameter of ITEAD Core AW2041 and AW2042 has been improved. The table below is for your reference.

For more information about Allwinner A20 core, please visit this link: 

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I'm Sherry from ITEAD studio. Now I'm in charge of the daily editing of ITEAD blog. As a start learner, maybe I'm not qualified to answer most technical questions you've left in the comment, but with our engineers' help, I'll try my best to help you find the way out.

Responses to “The 2nd Generation ITEAD Core is Coming Soon

  1. It’s great to see you guys working on improving the product range.
    But, my suggestion is to support your existing customers.
    I’m stuck with your Ibox with corrupted nand and not able to flash with phoenix software. Unfortunately, no response in your support page.
    We spend our hard earned every $ trusting on you guys and it’s very sad to see you not even acknowledging our issues.

    this will not create a sustainable customer base for sure, for any product in this matter.

    Thanks for reading, thought not expecting any positive response..


    • Hi,

      If you need technical support, you can open a ticket on

      As request, the agents will “NEVER RESPOND DUE”, and they will try their best to answer your question.

      • ^^ I have already done that, but no response.
        I’m not pointing at you guys, but my suggestion is to support your existing customers. Otherwise, it may not be a sustainable business.


        • If fact, we aim to support our customer as good as possible.  That’s why we pay for the support system.

          Well, I know what the problem is now, agents will check “Forums” in the support system every work day.


  2. There are a lot of credit-card sized boards out there now. Going for an edge connector makes yours thinner, but there is another way you could stand out: power supply connector.
    Mainly, how about using a HDD style connector? Coupled with a small, low profile power supply, you would have the start of a system NOT needing a backpack full of clunky add-ons.
    Yes you still need keyboard, screen, mouse, USB port, etc but hey – it would be a nice start. Make a good enough supply, and you could even sell it to the Pi and Beaglebone crowds…

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